RAVE to Seahawks and Broncos fans. Everyone showed up to support their teams and did so with no fights or ugliness. We had a great time. The crowd was electric. We got this, Seattle. Geno is the man!

RANT to the Seahawks fans booing Russell Wilson. Geez, the guy gave many years of blood, sweat and maybe even tears. Shabby of you all. I was really happy to see him!

RAVE to Geno Smith on our win against the Broncos. Thank you for not wearing a tuxedo to the game. Ge-no!

RANT to pumpkin spice season and overkill.

RAVE to the delightful Seattle artist painting a mural on an empty wall in Belltown. The mural is colorful and has the cheerful characters in his iconic style. I look forward to being entertained and cheered by this art for years to come.

RANT to the Washington State Department of Transportation. You can add a Ferrari, Lamborghini and Rolls-Royce, but not a Corvette to your Good To Go account? Where’s the support to the American manufacturers and one of the best cars made in this country?

Editor’s note: According to the Washington State Department of Transportation, it is possible to add this vehicle model to a Good to Go account.


RAVE to Karen and her wonderful staff at the Kitsap Regional Library for all the hard work they do keeping their mobile library up and running and busy. Those of us on the receiving end, seniors especially, really appreciate their efforts to bring us the materials we request once a month. Library delivery day feels like Christmas!

RANT AND RAVE Rant to the thieves who stole my beloved 1987 Ford Ranger, parked on Lake Washington Boulevard, while I was busy enjoying a bike ride. They must have been concerned by the slow getaway. Rave to those same thieves who returned my pickup five days later, one day before my birthday, to the same place that they stole it from. Locked the doors and left blankets and a blouse untouched.

RANT to a Magnolia-area resident who has a meticulously maintained lawn which he mows, trims and waters every few days. I wish this person would replace his lawn with indigenous and drought-resistant plants and shrubs. Water is a precious resource and certainly can be put to better use rather than watering a lawn.

RAVE to the kind King County Metro driver who got me to my dental appointment on time today. I planned to ride a rental scooter but I couldn’t find one. I walked all around my neighborhood; I saw none. Then, I noticed a bus. I hadn’t taken the bus since pre-pandemic times. But, I boarded. I was flustered, and I had trouble locating my face mask and ORCA card. A man on the bus started yelling at me, because I was apparently slowing things down. The kind driver welcomed me onto her bus, and told me to ignore the man. Her calmness and kindness calmed me down. In minutes, we arrived downtown, and I was on time for my appointment.

RANT to the city of Seattle for watering the Eighth Avenue Northwest median between Northwest 85th Street and Northwest 65th Street at 5 p.m. on sunny days. Surely someone at the city realizes this wastes water. Early morning would be a better time.

RAVE to Casey who works in the electronics department at the Lake City Fred Meyer. I was having trouble with my digital camera and he nicely and quickly showed me how to fix the problem. This senior citizen is so grateful for his kindness and patience!

RANT AND RAVE Rave to the state parks we’ve enjoyed all summer and the hosts who keep them clean and provide much needed hospitality to visitors! Rave to the 99% of fellow campers who are good neighbors so all can enjoy our beautiful Pacific Northwest outdoors! Rant to those who don’t understand camping etiquette — keep your music volume for your ears alone, don’t walk through other people’s campsites and keep your dog close!