RANT to the gathered group of about 40 beer-drinking people at a Mount Baker Sno-Park area the other weekend. They were doing doughnuts with their trucks in the slush and gravel, throwing it up on our vehicle and causing damage, then they refused to give their name for insurance purposes. All 40 began intimidating/harassing the two of us until we left for fear of our safety, while all adults and children proceeded to give us a middle finger “salute” as we left. No mask-wearing as well. We at least got their license plate number. 

RAVE to Seattle Parks and Recreation for diverting the torrent of water that for years crossed the steps at Golden Gardens about midway up. Many of us use the steps for working out and it has improved the experience considerably. Not to mention that it’s much safer and more pleasant. Rave to the same department for trying oh so hard to eradicate the graffiti in the tunnel under the railroad tracks that lead to the steps. We know it’s nearly impossible to keep the tunnel free of graffiti and we appreciate your efforts.

RANT to people complaining about the vaccine rollout. These vaccines were developed in record time, and their distribution is a monumental undertaking, so nobody should be surprised about early hiccups or speed bumps in the process. Everyone needs to take a (masked) breath and calm down.

RAVE to UFCW 21 and the Seattle Fire Department for setting up vaccines for grocery workers ages 65 and older. They were so fast and efficient when giving all of us our shots. It was such a nice surprise to receive the email to set us up with appointments when they are so hard to get. Fireman Duncan gave me my shot and was so friendly and quick, I couldn’t have been more pleased. It sometimes pays to be older and it always pays to be a union worker. Thanks again.

RANT to litter. For 20 years, I have picked up other people’s detritus on my neighborhood street every Sunday. There is so much random waste/garbage from other people that I pick up every week. The storm drains go to the lake. I don’t want the waste to flow to the fish. Why do people think that they can just discard their hair extensions, fast food wrappers and random items on the street? Do you think that someone else is going to clean it up for you? Come on folks, have a little accountability for yourself and your community. 

RAVE to those who are picking up trash that is accumulating on our beaches and public lands during this pandemic. This trash impacts the health of our lands and waters along with the wildlife that lives within them. A big thank you goes out to Conrad C., who is organizing small groups to pick up trash along the Duwamish River and the beaches in West Seattle. Thank you for your efforts — it’s one of those wonderful rays of light during this challenging time.