RANT to people who donate absolutely unusable items to donation centers. If it is torn, stained, broken or has missing pieces, please do not give it to someone else to deal with. We then have to pay the time, effort and money to dispose of it. We appreciate the generosity of people in the wonderful donations that are given but do not have the manpower or money to take care of your unwanted junk!

RAVE to 5-year-old Nicole at our local playground (a stranger to us) who asked my granddaughter, who has autism, to play with her and be her friend. It made my granddaughter so happy.

RANT to the Seattle Department of Transportation. The sign on Northeast 45th Street has been saying for two years, “Bridge lowering; traffic clearing,” regardless of actual conditions, depriving us of the information traffic conditions it’s supposed to provide. It even says it now, when it should be warning that the bridge is closed for a month. And SDOT keeps ignoring emails suggesting it fix the problem.

RAVE to several kind staffers from Canlis who came to our rescue the other evening. They helped us push our stalled car that had coasted to a complete stop just a few feet short of the south end of the Aurora Bridge. Braving the fast traffic, they pushed our car across the busy intersection to the far right lane, where we were able to roll it to a stop and call a tow truck. We are so appreciative of the helpful staff from Canlis and their willingness to help us out in that dangerous, high-speed traffic situation. Thank you!

RANT to yard sale signs without the simple, easy and needed date information! How the heck is anyone supposed to know which “Saturday and Sunday” it takes place? Double rant for the excruciatingly unhelpful “today and tomorrow” signs!

RAVE to the Bellevue Fire CARES team who visited regularly to check on an older adult who had been in the emergency room during the heat wave. Smiling faces and offers of help at any time. Fortunately, the patient did not need any help, but the team members left their card if need arose.

RANT to brush fires. Smokers! Would you please at least put out your cigarettes before throwing the butts in the dry grass and landscaping bark? They really do occasionally cause fires.

RANT AND RAVE Rave and congratulations to the Seattle Storm for their 2020 WNBA title, and for their Commissioner’s Cup win this month. Rant for having the latter on Amazon Prime TV. I, being a senior citizen, could not figure out how to get it to run on TV. Seattle does not support women’s basketball enough, and local stations are a joke. Here is this championship game and all we get is another baseball game or more Seahawks. I like both teams, but let’s give these great Seattle Storm athletes their time.