RANT to the cyclists blaring their music the other morning on the Burke-Gilman Trail. Do you have any idea how incredibly rude you’re being? Nobody is interested in your music. Keep it down and have some respect for not only other trail users, but to the neighbors close by.

RAVE to the kind older woman who offered me a coffee card in appreciation for helping her complete her paperwork at a mass vaccination site while standing out in the rain. Her lovely gesture lifted the spirits of many of us volunteering for this important effort.

RANT to people who have decided the turn signal lever in their car was an option they didn’t order so they don’t have to use it. Using your turn signal to show you are planning to turn your car is not an option — it is mandatory! 

RAVE to the Seattle VA Medical Center. I got a robocall asking me if I wanted to schedule a vaccination. I pushed a button and someone came on the line in about a minute. I was scheduled for the next day and for my second shot three weeks later.

RANT to making more people eligible for vaccinations. Not that they aren’t deserving, but those of us who are already eligible can’t even get an appointment anywhere! I’ve been trying for weeks! Get those who are eligible now vaccinated (at least the first shot) before you put more people in the mix!

RAVE to Kroger pharmacies for the superbly organized vaccination clinic at Evergreen High School in White Center. The pharmacy technicians and other volunteers were extremely courteous and helpful to us — an 84-year-old and an 85-year-old — who have been trying for weeks to find a vaccination site that was fairly close to our home in West Seattle. When the volunteers directing people to the gym saw that my husband might have a difficult time walking from the parking lot, they offered to transport him in a wheelchair. And there was no waiting in line outside. Looking forward to vaccination No. 2.

RANT AND RAVE Rave to the thoughtful members of the Northshore Fire Department who came to our local assisted living facilities and vaccinated our most vulnerable community members. Rant to reports that a significant number of the same fire personnel opted not to be vaccinated themselves.

RAVE to top-of-the-line shot delivery. The medic wiped my arm and turned to her table, I assumed to get the needle. I relaxed, waiting for the poke. She said, “Are you all right?” I was. Then she asked, “What are you doing?” I said, “Waiting for the shot.” She said, “You already have it.” I’ve felt shots that carried no sting. But that was the first shot I didn’t feel at all. Kudos to the crew at Fred Hutch. Impressively well organized and ever so light on the touch.