RANT to those feeding the crows. Please stop! Crows are very smart birds and scavengers, too, so they will remember where to get their food along with who is giving it to them. I miss the singing birds around my birdbaths in the mornings and evenings; now I have no birds in my yard and evenings are spent cleaning the baths of peanuts, chicken bones, pizza and (oh yes) parts of baby bunnies!

RAVE to the King County Library System for their grab bags of five books. I was running out of authors for requesting. When I called to schedule a pickup time for a book on hold, the person asked me if I would like to try a grab bag. I was able to select from different genres, and the first book of the five is a hit. Can’t wait to try the rest.

RANT to all the coffee shops, cafes, bars and restaurants that still have their bathrooms closed to patrons. “The public bathroom is five blocks away,” is not a friendly answer when you have to go now.

RAVE to all the ranters. No situation is too trivial to stop you from complaining. No personal interaction with someone else is handled well enough to stop your whining. You continually have the energy to grumble and carp about every little thing. You are the best! Keep it up! You make Rant & Rave worth reading every day!

RANT to the group cyclists who ride over 25 mph on shared trails that have 10 mph speed limits. Your paceline is not above the rules, and you are endangering everyone you pass. Please take your club rides out on the road before you cause serious injury.

RAVE to the two gentlemen working for Republic Services who stopped and got out of their two separate collection trucks to pick up (by hand) the many pieces of papers and trash that had blown out of my neighbor’s container because of the wind. I don’t know if this is an expected part of your job or not, but I appreciated seeing you go through the extra trouble rather than leaving the items on the street to further scatter in the wind! Thanks for helping to keep our neighborhoods clean!


RANT to the persons who broke into my car, broke my driver’s door lock, broke into my glove box and stole my credit card all at Marymoor Park while I was walking my new puppy. It will be over $1,000 to get my car fixed and that won’t be for weeks because of acquiring the parts.

RAVE to the UPS driver who leaves a small Milk-Bone on top of the delivery every time they see my dog barking at the window.

RAVE to the 14 drivers in Seattle who use their turn signals. You are awesome!