Readers rant about Safeco Field bag policy, rave about help at Dick's

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RANT Why can’t our two major stadiums have a consistent bag policy? At the Pearl Jam concert I saw dozens of clear plastic bags that comply with the policy at CenturyLink being thrown away at security because they didn’t meet the Safeco Field criteria. How hard is it to be consistent so that women aren’t spending money needlessly and being forced to throw away (or stand in a long line and pay money to check) a perfectly good bag? We’re happy to comply with security standards, it would be easier if they were consistent!

RAVE To Jamie, who helped, comforted, fed and entertained my little girlĀ at Dick’s after her dad suffered a seizure. I know she’d have been traumatized without your gentle presence, and I can never repay you for your help. You’re an angel.