Readers rant about dog left in heat, talking at outdoor concert, not enough disabled parking, young kids at movies; rave about finding lost person, people helping unblock road, helpful hikers

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RANT AND RAVE Huge rant to the person who left his dog tied up outside a store in 80-degree-plus weather. The dog was still tied up when we left the store and was so overheated she was frothing at the mouth. Rave to my friend who went in the store and bought a bowl to provide water to this poor dog, and to store security staff who stayed with the dog until the owner returned. You don’t deserve to be a pet owner.

RAVE AND RANT Rave to all the people who got out of their vehicles and pitched in to clean up the debris on Highway 410 when there was a washout and the road was blocked. It was inspiring to see so many strangers working together making it possible for all of us to get going again. Rant to the people who were tailgating and passing over double yellow lines around the washout where it obviously wasn’t safe to pass.  In their haste they selfishly put other people’s lives in danger.

RANT To the three moms who thought it OK to drop their six kids ages 3 to 7 in the movie theater by themselves while they sat in the lobby chatting and playing on their phones at the theater where I work. Shame on you for making the kids miss the rest of the movie after I came and told you to come and sit with your children, who of course were being disruptive and ignored me asking them to sit still and be quiet. This is on you. Your kids weren’t at fault and shouldn’t have been punished. You should be.

RAVE To the hikers that helped me when I broke my ankle running down Tiger Mountain. Special thanks to the woman who gave me her walking stick and the man that wrapped my ankle and saw me down to the trailhead, and to all the well-wishers. I’m extremely grateful.

RANT To businesses with large parking lots who designate only a paltry few spots for disabled customers, and to able-bodied people who sometimes park in those spots.

RAVE To Phil and his dog Chester for safely and gently leading one of our church members home after she’d become disoriented and wandered off. The whole community was searching unsuccessfully until he showed up, walking arm in arm with her like he was out for a stroll with his own grandmother. Such kindness, and such a relief.

RANT To me for thinking that I could go to an outdoor concert and be able to hear the music. Surely I should have realized that this wasn’t a concert but an excuse for every person within 100 feet of me to party and carry on conversations throughout Jackson Browne’s entire performance, then to react poorly when asked to please let us hear the music and not their conversations. What a disappointment.