RANT to the apparently new labor-saving method in local restaurants of serving stone-cold french fries. I have had this happen twice in a two-week period. I guess making a batch in the morning and serving them all day does save time and effort, but it does make the customer question a return visit. What’s next, hot salad? 

RAVE to whoever in Quilcene made the wonderful banners happen. We drove through the other day and each graduating senior had their picture on a banner affixed to a pole. We could see the entire class as we drove through town. What a great way to acknowledge the next generation. We smiled the whole way through town.

RANT to the Mariners and Angels for taking sportsmanship out of sports. Not a very admirable example to set for viewers of all ages. Shape up.

RAVE to a helpful Bothell parkgoer. We were walking at Bothell Landing recently. I must have pulled my phone out of my pocket and my driver’s license got stuck to it. I got home and realized I did not have my license. About two hours later, a Bothell police officer brought my license to our home. Thank you so much for the kind person who went out of their way to take my license all the way to the Police Department. You are a kind person. I will pass this forward.

RANT to the person parked in their idling SUV at Marysville’s Jennings Park on Saturday with their headlights on. Poor judgment on so many levels: noise and air pollution; wasting fuel when prices are sky high; taking up a parking space that could be used by someone who would actually use the park; and probably running your air conditioner when rolling your windows down would be just as effective. So, why were you at the park? You could read a book at home just as well.

RAVE to the hook and ladder crew at Seattle Fire Department. A couple of weekends ago, I was at the Magnuson Park off-leash area, and a huge hook and ladder rig appeared and drove down a narrow alleyway full of parked cars on both sides. It was blocked off by the NOAA property next door. I and others watched with amazement as the big rig backed up and out without touching a single parked car. Very impressive! Bravo!  


RANT to the cars ignoring the street-closed signs to drive, sometimes carefully, other times not, along the closed sections of Lake Washington Boulevard. While there are exceptions to residents driving to and from their homes, these drivers are clearly not those as they drive past streets to leave the boulevard. Please don’t be selfish and let pedestrians, Rollerbladers and bicycle riders, young and old enjoy one of Seattle’s best parks.

RAVE to the restaurant patron who kindly and generously made the effort to obtain coffee gift cards for a 15-year-old employee and her helper after witnessing a belligerent customer berating the girls about the wait time on an extremely busy day. The young people definitely held it together far better than the thoughtless customer. Thank you, to the sensitive gift-giver — your action provided comfort and affirmation.

RANT to the farmers (all but two) at Bainbridge Island Farmers Market who are not accepting the senior farmers market vouchers this summer. You will oblige me, an octogenarian, to take a bus or ferry and bus to a market where the vendors support this great program. Another example of the island’s indifference to its less advantaged residents.

RAVE to the wonderful staff at the Coupeville Ferry Terminal. When I had misplaced an elderly relative, the entire staff put aside what they were doing to notify the police, the troopers and another ferry terminal. One person even provided water for my thirsty dogs. I am grateful for their kindness and concern.

RANT to pedestrians who stand at crosswalks engrossed in their phones and not crossing the street when a car, following the rules of the road, is waiting on them to do so. Pay attention! Bigger rant to those pedestrians who don’t even intend to cross and finally wave the car on. Quit facing the crosswalk!

RAVE to the fellow mom at Juanita Beach who told me I was doing a great job with my young son. She knows I’m a first time mom but what she doesn’t know is that I’m a recent widow and needless to say it hasn’t been easy. Her words were so kind and truly made my day. Thank you for being so thoughtful without even knowing what a huge impact it made on me.