RANT to the cat commercials that have cats dressed up as humans. Creepy. Stop it. Cats are cute enough all by themselves. They don’t need clothes. In fact, try putting clothes on a cat — they hate that.

RAVE to the kind biker who stopped to help me after a pedestrian (without warning and apparently without hearing my bell) walked right into my path on Alaskan Way, sending me sprawling onto the pavement. I’m sorry I was too shaken up to thank you properly at the time. I was so rattled that I do not think I would have been able to straighten my bike out on my own. Fortunately, I didn’t break anything and my injuries should heal with time. Your assistance and kind words helped me get through the day.

RANT to television news for telling a story and saying they have more important information for us when we tune in at 6 p.m. If it is so important, why do we have to wait an hour for it?

RAVE to the summer camp counselors and day care providers who take their young cycling on the bike trails. Although it’s sometimes like herding cats, they do a fantastic job patiently teaching the kids how to keep to the right, stay safe and follow the rules of the road. Extra rave to the kiddos who keep riding even when they’re hot, tired and grumpy. They’re learning skills that they’ll use forever.

RANT to the massive container ships that sit for a week or more spewing black smoke, creating 24/7 generator noise and nightly lights, let alone blocking all views! How much longer do we have to put up with this environmentally disastrous situation?

RAVE to the Costco I go to; it almost always opens 10 or 15 minutes early. It might seem like a small thing but to me it’s a little treat or gift. Appreciate it!


RANT to balloons. Why in the world don’t we ban them? They are devastating to the trees and wildlife. I have had it with this plastic pollution that hangs from trees in our native growth protection area and lasts for quite some time. I’m also a marine photographer, and I see firsthand what they do to the marine life. Our bird life here in the Pacific Northwest is vital, and they are also included in the list of species hurt by balloons.

RAVE to the city of Renton for making a drive through downtown a true adventure. Navigating the roadwork that seems to change daily is like finding the way through a maze. Anyone in a hurry should definitely take an alternate route.

RANT to King County voting pamphlets for not including illustrated district maps! I’ve lived in Seattle for 21 years and still get confused which district I live in for city council, the state legislature, the U.S. legislature, etc. They all have different numbers and boundaries. I’m a visual learner. Print the maps already! On every printed mailing you send!