RAVE To the Lummi Nation, Orca Network and others who are working hard to bring our orca Tokitae (aka Lolita) home to the Salish Sea from her almost 50-year imprisonment in a Miami aquarium. Countless people around the world are rallying to help her and to stop cetacean captivity everywhere. Tokitae deserves to spend her final years home, in a safe net pen if need be, where she can be reunited with her family.

RANT Would all TV news stations please stop showing people with needles in their arms! I don’t care if it’s a vaccination or a junkie shooting up, it’s gross and uncalled for. Enough already.

RANT & RAVE Rant to ferry users who race through our little gateway town. The seconds you save probably won’t get you on the boat, and make traffic a nightmare for us residents. Rave to ferry users who understand they’re always in someone’s neighborhood and drive accordingly.

RAVE & RANT Rave to restaurant servers who regularly serve cranky, difficult and thoughtless customers with grace and a smile. Rant to customers who leave an insulting tip or no tip at all. If you can’t afford to tip, you can’t afford to eat out.

RANT To the lion at the zoo who gobbled up 12 little ducklings in front of the window while dozens of children and adults screamed in horror, and to the zoo office who tried to blame the mother duck for nesting there. Couldn’t they have moved the nesting mama duck out of the exhibit to stop the possibility of traumatizing little kids?

RAVE To local media for their coverage of the Major League Rugby championships, and to the Seawolves for the most thrilling finish I’ve ever seen in any sport! If you haven’t checked out Seawolves games, you should; they’re fast-paced, exciting, great for all ages, and you can visit with the players on the field after the game.


RANT For the Washington State Patrol officer who issued me a speeding ticket for driving nine miles an hour over the speed limit on a deserted stretch of highway in eastern Washington. The assumption that I couldn’t afford the time to travel back to Grant County to contest the ticket makes me wonder who in this case was being served and protected. 

RAVE To the kindness of the great team at a Belltown coffee shop who welcome everyone who steps through their door. Our walkers group has coffee at the big table in the back every morning and we watch the staff take extra care of each and every customer.

RANT To having to reserve movie-theater seats. It isn’t always feasible to buy group tickets in advance because everyone’s plans aren’t certain, but reserving seats individually means there’s no guarantee group members can sit together. It’s OK to have us buy tickets in advance, but let’s get rid of reserved seating.