Readers rant about bike lanes, rave about car help

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RANT To the massive amounts of money spent on biking accommodations in Seattle. In our neighborhood a street was modified for bikes several years ago and now four blocks away another street is having bike lanes added. The Burke Gilman trail is only a few blocks from these two! Only 3.4% of Seattle’s population commutes by bike. It’s discriminatory to prioritize funding for transportation that’s not available for the less than optimally fit, parents with children, or people with  lengthy commutes. And it’s galling when bicyclists ride on roads in the car lanes holding up traffic when there’s a bike trail a few feet away.

RAVE To the man parked next to me in a parking lot who saw my car releasing steam from a radiator leak and went to his truck to get an unopened bottle of coolant to give me. His kindness and generosity gave us the chance to get the car home. Many thanks!