RANT to people who donate expired food to food banks, Little Free Pantries and other outlets designed to help those in need. It is hard enough asking for help, and being given food that is expired/inedible only adds to the pain and hardship. One can of fruit expired three years ago! Please check the dates before you donate, and if the food isn’t something you’d give to your neighbor, don’t donate it. 

RAVE to Seattle Department of Transportation for a speedy response in clearing wet leaves from a section of sidewalk we use along Lake City Way. A lengthy area with no adjacent property owner was difficult to maneuver because of piles of wet, soggy leaves. However, an email to SDOT resulted in an immediate answer and the sidewalk was cleared in just a few days.

RANT to shopping centers and public places which, over time, have removed ashtrays to carry and discard cigarette butts appropriately. The lack thereof adds a conundrum for the smoker who doesn’t want to litter and equally does not want to risk creating an accidental fire by putting a finished cigarette right in the trash.

RAVE to all the waste management employees who had to pick up extra recycling on cold days after Christmas. As I walked my dog, there were stacks and stacks of extra recycled items, and just like any other day, they were picking them up and throwing them in the trucks. I am sure their week was very long and they had to work very hard.

RANT AND RAVE to the person who stole my Washington Husky seat cushions outside of the Urban Coffee Lounge at Juanita Village. They were given to me by my late father over 30 years ago and represented the years we spent going to Husky football games together. It may sound silly to some, but these cushions had sentimental value to me. My trust in people has taken a hit. Rave to the awesome staff at Urban Lounge, who are always upbeat and smiling. They said they would spread the word to be on the lookout for the cushions.

RAVE to residents in Olympic Manor who decorate their homes, yards and trees with beautiful Christmas lights. Every year, my husband and I look forward to driving through the neighborhood to see the colorful displays. Thank you! Seeing the Christmas displays brings us joy!

RANT AND RAVE Rant to UPS for not delivering packages to our apartment doors, instead leaving them downstairs in the mail room directly beneath a sign that states, “Do not leave packages in mail room.” This is a large senior housing apartment building with many handicapped residents who have difficulty bringing packages up from downstairs, and if anything is left overnight, they are subject to theft. Rave to the several food banks that deliver directly to our apartment doors weekly.