Readers rave about patient drivers, Safeco employees, Mobile Library, hybrid cars, help after bike crash; rant about kids running in stores, sports talking heads, inattentive parents, traffic complaints.

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RAVE To the drivers behind me who didn’t honk at me though the light had turned green and I wasn’t moving forward. A honk would have been justified, but I had just gotten bad news and the gentle patience of strangers on the road meant a lot!

RANT As an ancient human, I remember radio, when we listened to, but never saw, the announcers. Now I rant at having to see TV baseball announcers having a gabfest. Show the players, the fans and kids at the game and talk about them, but please, no shots of talking heads in the booth chatting during the game. I do enough yelling at players who strike out with the bases loaded without having to yell about looking at talking heads.

RAVE AND RANT Rave to my son who saved a woman’s life by performing the Heimlich maneuver at a local restaurant. Rant to the woman who didn’t even say thank you.

RAVE To the calm, kind, wonderful men who tended to me after a bike crash on Tiger Mountain. I was stunned and didn’t thank them properly, but I’m very appreciative of their help. I ended up with stitches in my knee and a huge bruise but am recovering well.

RANT To people who complain about traffic and closed streets around our sports stadiums. Seattle is a pro-sports town — deal with it. The game times are easily looked up — find it. The traffic impacts are predictable — plan for it.

RAVE AND RANT Rave to hybrid-car owners/drivers, reducing carbon emissions and pollution. Rant to me for relying on only the audible cue of oncoming traffic, scaring myself and a driver when I popped out into an intersection during a run. Note to self: Remember to look both ways before crossing to see the silent cars and stay safe.

RANT To a woman walking along a busy thoroughfare of automobiles, bicycles and pedestrians, intently focused on her smartphone, pushing an empty stroller and paying no attention to the toddler walking behind her. It’s one of many instances I’ve seen of parents ignoring little children, and it breaks my heart. Pay attention to the top priority!

RAVE AND RANT Rave to the wonderful crew of Mobile Services who bring the library to our retirement community. Rant to people who deface library books by turning down the corners of pages, underlining and writing in the margins. These books aren’t your personal property. Leave them clean for the next borrower to enjoy.

RANT To inconsiderate parents who allow their children to run inside of and throughout retail and grocery stores.

RAVE To Safeco Field employees who were so kind when we took our son to his first Mariners game. They went the extra mile and got him wrist bands and a Mariners watch for his birthday. What a great experience!