RANT to cherry prices. I was in a supermarket in the Colorado Springs, Colorado, area where Washington state red cherries were being sold at $2.79 per pound. I flew back to Seattle the next day and stopped at a supermarket owned by the same company in Edmonds where the price for Washington state red cherries (the same brand and packaging as in Colorado) are $4.99 per pound. This makes ZERO sense! Washingtonians are being gouged for our own state’s cherries.

RAVE to the wonderfully helpful couple who, seeing me at the entrance of a Bellevue supermarket trying, and failing, to get a Wi-Fi signal on my phone asked if they could help me with anything. I explained that I was going back home with several bags of groceries but that I was stuck as I could not raise the ride-hailing company’s webpage. Seeing my distress they immediately offered to take me home themselves, which they did after lifting and stowing the bags in their car. Fortunately, I live about a mile and half from the supermarket and was home 10 minutes later. They have left a lasting impression on the my understanding of human kindness and my everlasting gratitude for such a nice gesture.

RANT to distracted driving. As I was driving up Interstate 405 just north of Kirkland, I was reading printed directions to Everett when a State Patrol motorcycle officer pulled me over. At first I had no idea why I was being stopped, in fact, I kept the directions over my steering wheel when the officer came up on the right side of my then stopped vehicle. He informed me that my reading the directions while driving along at 60 mph distracted me to the point that when he pulled up on my left side I did not notice him. He further explained that he was not there to give me a ticket, but to spot people who he observed driving dangerously. He told me that he would issue me a warning correction notice and that no further action was needed on my part, other than to be more mindful about operating vehicles. I was wrong. I thanked him. He was right. His action taught me a lesson I will not forget.

RAVE to the Capitol Hill pedestrians who helped an injured scooter rider. It’s so encouraging to see several people stop to help a young woman who fell from a rented scooter, heading down a steep hill. A nurse helped bandage a minor knee injury and another woman went home and got her car to transport the scooter rider home. The Seattle freeze always thaws quickly when help is needed!

RANT to the self-centered people who leave cans, bottles, snack-bar wrappers and other litter all over our beautiful parks and shorelines.

RAVE to the volunteers who were picking up trash at Magnuson Park on July 23, and to all the organizations and companies that participate in beach cleanup.


RANT to all the businesses doing follow-up customer service surveys. Not a day goes by that I don’t get at least one email asking me to complete a survey. It seems all businesses from restaurants to doctor’s offices to oil-change venues are doing them! I don’t need to waste five or 10 minutes of my time filling out your surveys. When I delete them, they just keep sending more! Help!

RAVE to the angel in the form of an off-duty emergency room nurse at Snoqualmie Falls on July 15. My husband took a bad fall on the trail. She took over, helped me get him to the parking lot, had someone call 911 and he was rushed to Snoqualmie Valley Hospital where he needed seven stitches. He’ll be fine. We were so dazed we forgot her name and did not thank her properly.

RANT to the fried-chicken chain that charges you 8 cents for a to-go bag without asking you! I thought we are cutting back on plastic bag usage. Most people bring their own. Check your receipts you might be getting charged without knowing it!