RAVE to our neighbors in Edmonds who grow a showstopping display of colorful zinnias in their garden every summer. It’s such a pleasure to admire the lovely varieties in a rainbow of colors while out on my walks. Double rave to this gardener for leaving shears and a note inviting neighbors to take a few! I now have a cheerful bouquet on my table.

RANT to thieves at Floral Hills. I went there to visit my husband’s grave only to find the little pot with an evergreen next to his headstone was gone. When I reported this to the staff, I was told I was not the only one whose relative’s gravesite flowers had been taken. Shame on you for your lack of respect for our dead and for those who may still be grieving for their loved ones.

RAVE to the tireless local mail carrier who delivered our mail on a Sunday (unprecedented!) just to keep up with his route.

RANT to dog owners in my neighborhood who leave their poop bags in my empty garbage can before I have picked it up off the street. Not only do I not want it stinking up my garage can for another week, but I’ve had your bag of poop burst when I add my garbage to the can. Your dog means their poop in your can, please!

RAVE to my lovely neighbor and her boyfriend for setting up all kinds of games for kids and adults to play outside on the sidewalk as they walk by. They can play hopscotch, tic-tac-toe or checkers. They change the games often. The entire operation is overseen by a teddy bear with a face mask.

RANT to boaters who don’t realize how sound carries across water! We in the floating home community don’t always appreciate your taste in music and don’t really care to hear that you are peeing! 

RAVE to South Kitsap Fire and Rescue. “South Kitsap Fire” was on the side of a firetruck driving by me in Santa Rosa, California, the other week. Having decided to relocate to Washington, the Kitsap name was familiar, but I was not sure if the crew was in fact from Washington. Turns out it was, so I thank the folks who made the trip down to our area to fight the fires! As my new address will be in Agnew, in Clallam County, starting next month, I felt a sense of appreciation for the local assistance, and pride for the area which will soon be near my new home.

RANT to the runner in bright pink who ran in front of oncoming traffic on 15th Avenue Northwest on a recent weekday morning. Do you not understand how traffic signals work? I’m happy to stop for pedestrians, but I wasn’t expecting you to cross when I had a green light and your crossing signal was presumably red. I and the person driving in the next lane nearly hit you. Not fun for anyone.