RANT to the person on the radio this morning complaining how inflation has destroyed her food budget. “Eggs used to be $2.49 a dozen, now they are over $4. Ground beef has gone up from $2.99 a pound to $4.99.” Shop around, lady. I bought ground beef last week for $1.99 a pound and eggs this morning for $1.49 a dozen. Shop sales, clip coupons and stop complaining about Hot Pockets going up to $13.99 for two dozen. Try feeding your kids something healthier (and cheaper) instead.

RAVE to a kind grocery shopper. I am 86 and do my shopping every Tuesday morning at a store in Burien. I go early because my partner has Alzheimer’s disease, and it works for me to go early. I never take my purse with me anymore as I’ve gotten robbed in the parking lot, so I usually only bring my ID and credit card. I forgot my credit card yesterday, so I asked to put my grocery cart aside while I called my son to come to the store and pay. Well, this young man behind me in line said, “No, I will pay it in memory of my mom.” I told him that he could not do that as $165 was too much. He would not let me pay him back, send the money to him or anything. He said his mama would want him to do it, and I was speechless. I will pay it forward, for sure.

RANT to the state tolling system for charging the 520 bridge to Seattle when the Interstate 90 bridge is closed for construction. I appreciate the Washington State Department of Transportation’s road work, but please allow us this as free alternative to get to Seattle when our toll free bridge is closed.

RAVE to the people who ran to help me after I fell and injured myself on the running path at Valley Ridge Park in SeaTac. One of the men actually unwrapped his beautiful turban and tore off a piece of the fabric to use as a tourniquet. They offered to walk with me to where my husband was watching our granddaughter’s soccer practice. Overwhelming kindness!

RANT to navigation systems. Recently, I wanted to go to an event on California Avenue Southwest in West Seattle and I used my phone’s built-in maps app for directions from central Seattle. I was driving along listening to directions, watching the traffic and listening to the radio. Then, on the entrance to Interstate 5 south from Beacon Hill, I glanced over and saw cars moving over the West Seattle Bridge! Argh! I had to keep going around, following the app. So I came back via another app, this time over the West Seattle Bridge.

RANT AND RAVE Rant to people who maintain the view in front of their own windows but allow everything around their home to grow up and block all their neighbors’ views. Rave to neighbors that try to keep everything below their roof line. It creates more harmony in the neighborhood. Thank you.