Readers rave about care for UW band, Christmas decorations, turkey gift, Rebuilding Together Seattle; rant about rideshare couple, noise from Sea-Tac Airport, creepy guy, doctor leaving town

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RAVE To my neighbor Jeff who saved a frozen turkey that rolled down our hill a few days before Thanksgiving. He walked up and down our street trying to find its home and when he didn’t, he gave the turkey to a person who didn’t have one.

RAVE From many Husky fans, including UW band and spirit parents, to the community of George and surrounding areas for providing shelter and food after the UW band’s bus crash on the way to the Apple Cup. Coug fans dropped everything to support the students and staff impacted by the crash, showing that kindness and compassion transcend all rivalries. A huge group hug to our eastern Washington family for their humanity and spirit of giving, and shout-out to WSU Band for playing the UW fight song in place of your absent band brethren. Your positive messages will resonate for years.

RANT To the couple who opened the door of my car and began to climb in as soon as I pulled up in front of a Seattle apartment building. The first car you see is not necessarily your Lyft or Uber. Check the description of the car, the license plate and in the case of Lyft, look for the bright light. Not everyone is there just for you.

RAVE To Rebuilding Together Seattle and its partner businesses for installing a gas-fireplace insert that will keep this old U.S. Navy veteran and his dog Millie toasty warm this winter.

RANT The Mariners should consider naming the stadium “Taxpayer Field.” Our Seattle taxpaying family think it has a nice ring to it, is an accurate name, and it wouldn’t have to be changed at the end of the next contract.

RAVE To individuals and businesses who decorate for the Christmas/winter holiday season before and after some arbitrary societal norm. Why not extend the joys of the holiday season for as long as possible during our long, gray and damp winter?

RANT AND RAVE Rant to my husband’s doctor who left town on vacation leaving my husband in the dark about the results of his medical test that might show potentially huge life changes, leaving us waiting 10 days while she enjoys her getaway without passing her responsibilities to a colleague to cover for her. Rave to the office staff who dealt with the doctor’s lack of compassion with caring.

RANT To the Port of Seattle and Sea-Tac Airport for the constant roar of air traffic over our wonderful little town of Burien. It’s bad when the pictures on my wall are rattling and I have a hard time hearing conversation inside my home.

RANT AND RAVE Rant to the creepy guy treating his girlfriend badly during a holiday show. Rave to her if she seeks support to escape him. Contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 800-799-7233,, for support.