RAVE to the anonymous young woman who greets me, an 87-year-old grandfather, with a pleasant wave on my regular early morning walk through the Seattle University campus. 

RANT to people who burn wood outside in residential areas. In King County, residents are allowed to burn seasoned dry wood in residential areas outside. People need to ask themselves whether they have a big enough yard to do so. Many of us don’t have any air conditioning and want to open the windows when it’s warm. There are also a lot of people who suffer from asthma. It’s awful that people are forced to close their windows because their neighbor is burning wood and making s’mores in their yard. The smell of burning wood triggers a headache for me. It pollutes air and is really bad for environment. It’s a health hazard for people who have to breathe that air. Please be more considerate and stop burning wood in your backyard!

RAVE to the great person in Mountlake Terrace who put up several bags of used tennis balls (each bag with 10 balls) for all to take at the Ballinger Park tennis court. Thank you, neighbor!

RANT to our new neighbors who allow their two dogs to bark incessantly in their dog run. It is driving your surrounding neighbors crazy. Bring your barking dogs inside!

RAVE to the three caring gentlemen who came to my father’s aid when he fell while walking on East Roanoke Street on a recent Friday afternoon. They made sure he was OK, called 911 and stayed with him until the medics arrived. Our family extends our gratitude for your kindness and compassion. 

RANT to the person who put a large bag of unsorted trash in my garbage can. It is not very kind to make an elderly person on a fixed income pay for their trash. 

RAVE to the person who returned my purse to the Costco lost and found. A few weeks ago I shopped at the Issaquah location. I loaded the items in my car and drove home. Once home, I realized I did not have my handbag. I had my car keys in my purse, so somehow I must have left (lost) my purse in the parking lot. I was devastated beyond words; I imagined disastrous consequences, never to see my purse again. Among other things, my driver’s license, my checkbook, my bank card and wallet with cash, they were all in the purse. Later on that day, I got my handbag back. Somebody brought it to the lost and found at Costco. NOTHING was missing. I am unable to find out who that person was. My deepest gratitude, plus my faith in the goodness of mankind will forever stay with me. I am tearful now that I write this letter.

RANT to the security lines at Sea-Tac! An hour in line is crazy. People are missing their flights!