RAVE to the tugboats of Puget Sound and the marine architects who design them! With huge tugs freeing the Suez Canal cargo ship, I am reminded of the heroic tugs who saved the Interstate 90 bridge in 1990. I’ll never forget seeing the line of tugs steaming night and day to keep the wind-damaged span in place! Bravo to hardworking tug crews!

RANT to the maskless family at a very popular ’50s-style diner in Issaquah last Saturday. There were a lot of customers, all waiting to order in the sun and wearing masks. The family refused to wear masks at all, even after being asked. The dad insisted on ordering, and the poor cashier could only do so much. No mask? Just stay home then.

RAVE to the a cappella group of several men who were rehearsing — masked and spaced a socially distanced 20 feet or so apart — last week at the old Sunset School Park covered playground in Shoreline. What a treat to hear while on my neighborhood walk. Wow! I’m wondering who these talented people are?! Their blended voices were sublime! 

RANT to the Washington State Department of Transportation for failing to rectify the poor and dangerous driving conditions in the I-90 tunnels across Lake Washington and Mercer Island. The lighting is very dim and varied, and the white paint separating the narrow, curving lanes is faded and difficult to discern from the gray concrete roadway.  

RAVE to Seattle Parks and Recreation for the beautiful display of daffodils all the way around Green Lake. They are in bloom and a welcome way to remind us that spring is here!

RANT to the King County Metro Trip Planner for its deteriorated site that will not allow one to find a reasonable bus route. I am almost 80, don’t have a car and ride the bus. The routes they suggest are inadequate if not outlandish, and frequently it will say there are no options. When I call, the staffer can give me good travel info, but I can no longer use the online Trip Planner. I don’t understand why they are doing this.

RAVE to the EMT who encountered two old ladies looking for directions for their COVID-19 vaccinations. After she could see they were too panicked to follow her directions, she offered to drive them to the site. After they received their vaccinations, she offered to drive them to their follow-up appointment as well. Being too young to get hers, she simply said that she wanted to help the vaccinating effort any way she could.

RANT to street racing. It’s time Seattle took steps to crack down on it as other cities are doing. Not only is it dangerous, but it’s often destructive and disturbing to the neighborhood. It has been happening recently in the University District. A good solution might be that those cited have their driver’s licenses taken away for a year!