Readers rave for retired Seahawks and teens visiting seniors, time for others, public transportation; rant about dangerous drivers, ad featuring deceased TV star, accident fatality description

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RAVE To Sound Transit, King County Metro Transit and Seattle Center Monorail for providing me and my out-of-town visitor a pleasant adventure from Auburn into Seattle, all on public transportation! From the kind attendant in Auburn who alerted us that we were on the wrong side of the train platform, to the friendly enforcers who boarded the train to verify riders had paid. Once into Seattle, everyone was gracious, polite and knowledgeable guiding us from purchasing tickets to directing us on our stops to the Space Needle, Pike Place Market and back to Auburn.

RAVE To the retired Seattle Seahawks players who graciously shared lunch with our wonderful seniors at Issaquah Senior Center. They were so charming and funny and everyone had a fabulous time! Particular thanks to Randall Morris and Dave Wyman, who were so sweet to my 103-year-old superfan mom. Thank you all!

RANT To the TV ad with a deceased star wishing us a happy holiday. Did they bring him back to life or what?

RAVE To my older neighbor, I’ll call him Dave, who’s taught me an important lesson this year, though he doesn’t know it. We’ve lived next door to each other for a long time, but I usually have felt impatient and uninterested in talking with him about anything for more than a minute because I was so darned busy all the time with career, sports, travel, etc. Now that I’m retired, I’ve found my neighbor is actually extremely charming, interesting and very compassionate, because I took the TIME to actually listen and interact with him more fully. This is a relevant and uplifting realization that applies to all of us in these challenging times.

RANT I live in the Belltown neighborhood and walk every day, and every day I’m nearly hit by a dangerous, negligent driver of a car who has either driven through a red light or failed to yield to pedestrians stepping off the curb to cross the street in a crosswalk. Where do these drivers come from? Do they care for no one but their vehicle, speed and themselves? Do these harmful drivers have partners, children, parents who walk and cross intersections in crosswalks? Please, change this dangerous behavior before you kill or maim an innocent walking person.

RANT To the TV news reporter who summoned up a horrific incident resulting in the death of a person simply as a “car versus pedestrian fatality.” I can’t imagine a more callous way to describe a heartbreaking tragedy. Even in the frantic rush to be the first to report breaking news, there is always time for human empathy.

RAVE To the teens and staff at the White Center Teen Program who shared a great afternoon with local seniors, providing bingo, snacks, pictures and free poinsettias in unique, hand-painted containers. Thank you!