Readers rave about National Night Out, UW hospital, Lummi Nation helping ill orca, staff at Mariners game; rant about park smokers, nonvoters, racist cyclist, overcrowded light rail

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RAVE AND RANT Rave to my block and our block captain for the huge turnout on National Night Out. It was so nice hanging out with pleasant and diverse people on a beautiful evening. The kids loved running and riding their bikes up and down the closed block. Rant to people who thought the roadblocks didn’t apply to them, especially the large group of bicyclists who announced, “We’re riding through your little party” with no care for all the little kids.

RANT To the white bicyclist on the sidewalk who rode her bike past a group of black pedestrians and threatened to call the police on the group. I didn’t know standing on the sidewalk while black was a crime. And I don’t think riding on the sidewalk is preferred.

RANT To the 72 percent of registered voters who didn’t vote in the recent election, despite free postage.  Do we need to drive you to the mailbox?

RAVE To the Lummi Nation for their efforts to save the starving J pod whale, and to the connection they feel to this precious treasure.

RANT To the disturbed person who snipped the brake wires of a Lime bike. I discovered the bike had no brakes as I approached a busy intersection and luckily was able to brake with my feet to avert disaster. On inspection, I saw the brake wires had been cleanly snipped.  Was it your intention to kill someone?

RAVE Along with thousands of other Canadians, we attended a Mariners/Blue Jays game at your beautiful stadium, and everyone in our group commented that every employee we came in contact with, from security at the gates to the cheerful “Hope you enjoyed the game” staff as we were leaving, were friendly, helpful and kind. Kudos to the Seattle Mariners stadium team!

RANT It was horrifying how packed light rail was after the Seahawks game, so crowded we couldn’t move, and people still kept pushing in. At least buses pass stops when they’re overloaded, but the trains kept stopping and more people pushed in, and the train was going very slowly because it was so overpacked. I didn’t see many scanning Orca cards, so there goes the revenue, too! Someone needs to make this better; there’s no way we can all drive downtown to games.

RAVE To the doctors at UW hospital who went way beyond expectations when I shattered my tibia in a nasty fall last year. Thanks to their exceptional skill, there’s barely a scar, and words can’t describe my gratitude that I can not only walk again, I can dance!

RANT To the adult jerks standing near a park play structure smoking. Smoking in Seattle parks is prohibited. Go smoke in the parking lot, away from kids and those of us with compromised respiratory systems. They ruined what should have been a great evening at the playground.