RAVE to the King County Library System for proactively extending the due date for items due Feb. 13 by one week. You saved me a snowshoe trip from Seattle to Lake Forest Park.

RANT to property owners, both residences and businesses, who did not shovel the snow from their sidewalks. Don’t they realize that they’d be liable if someone were to slip and hurt themselves on the ice?

RAVE to store clerks. Lately, I have found all grocery store clerks so kind, always taking the time to chat with me, a 75-year-old gal, a bit (yes, I still shop in person). I shared with one that I was moving to a different house. She offered to help me move!

RANT to those who disregard the stop line, or drive onto the sidewalk/crosswalk. Stop, make eye contact and let me cross, thank you very much.

RAVE to the Paul Allen poster that endures at the intersection of Southwest Oregon Street and Fauntleroy Way Southwest. It is comforting to see this superb Seattleite smiling out at us from one of his bushy beard phases. I vote for more. Hang them if you have some!

RANT to the Seattle Fire Department firefighter in uniform who was unmasked while getting his Slurpee at 7-Eleven. All of the other firefighters were wearing their masks. You probably have received your vaccine (rightfully so), but I have no idea when I will. Shouldn’t you be providing an example to the rest of the public?


RAVE to Kaiser Permanente for their handling of the coronavirus vaccine clinics during the recent snowfall. We were scheduled for our second dose Feb. 13. We got a notice on our phone app, an email in our Kaiser page on our computers, and later that evening an automated phone call. Not only did they let us know that the clinic was canceled, they rescheduled us for the following Monday at the same time. Then on Sunday, we got a notification that the clinic was on and to drive safely. Such organization and communication. Well done.

RANT to large companies that ignore complaints. If I were the only one, I would not be writing this. On rare occasions, my car will not start, but eventually, it works. The garage said, “We have never heard of such a thing.” Yet 44 complaints similar to mine (without resolution) can be found on my computer on my first try to see if anyone else had this complaint. I found many, many more and many who had spent large amounts of money to repair this without results.

RAVE to Seattle Department of Transportation, which, as far as I recall, plowed the snow in the front of my home for the first time in 61 years. Totally amazing, as my neighborhood is on a hill, and when it snows, I am trapped in my house until it melts. Wow!