RANT to the new “hazy” and “juicy” IPAs, which basically are IPAs without the hoppiness that defines them. This is like making spaghetti sauce without tomatoes.  Edible perhaps, but it ain’t spaghetti sauce.

RAVE to my outstanding neighbors. I am 99 years old and no longer able to get to my mailbox or work in my yard. My neighbor Wanda brings me my mail every day, and yesterday, she and a friend weeded my entire parking strip. Wanda and my other neighbor Nancy also bring me meals from time to time. I wish everyone could be, and have, such wonderful neighbors. I am so blessed and grateful.

RANT to the increasing trend of car drivers pulling a U-turn at inappropriate locations on Seattle roadways. I have seen people doing a U-turn to the left from the right-hand lane (to have larger turning radius presumably) and even turning around from stoplights and stop signs. This selfish driving habit puts pedestrians, motorcycles, bicyclists and scooter users at considerable risk.

RAVE to the pedestrian who remarked, “Looking good athlete!” as I jogged past. I am no athlete, and I am struggling to lose weight and be healthier. But those kind words motivated me to go another mile!

RANT to those who have moved their home offices to their backyards now that the weather is nicer. You may not realize it, but your neighbors can hear all of your online meetings. Not only have you lost confidentiality, it’s pretty annoying to listen to. Please go back inside.

RAVE to the kind gentleman baker who passed out free, delicious, fresh baked bread to the surprise of the patrons at Figurehead Brewing Company. He brought huge smiles to everyone’s faces. If you are reading this, gentleman baker, thanks again for spreading the joy!

RANT to the bicycle riders who choose the Issaquah-Hobart Road as their route. This is not a bucolic country road, it is an extremely busy, no-other-option route for hundreds of motorists on a daily basis. Tiger Mountain Road is also a bad choice.

RAVE to our truly essential and dedicated postal workers who always keep us connected to the world. Their hard work and myriad sacrifices under extraordinarily difficult circumstances have been especially critical during this pandemic. A special recognition and deep gratitude to the exceptional team at the post office in Greenwood. They are all patient, knowledgeable, helpful and kind individuals — the epitome of public service. There is a particularly wonderful person working there and serving her community with total style and eternal positivity. Like the Olympic skating champion she is named after, she skates through it all with ease and grace. She is a champion, too: a phenomenal star of serving the community with a smile on her face and the amazing ability to always appear upbeat and loving. Thank you!