RAVE to the wonderful gentleman who brightened my day. I was shopping at a Dollar Tree the other day and he paid for my entire order, totaling $32. He said he wanted to show some kindness. You surely did and I appreciate it.

RANT to the U.S. Department of the Treasury and the Internal Revenue Service for sending us Economic Impact Payment cards instead of a stimulus check. We have to pay fees to use these cards, which are issued by an independent bank.

RAVE to the wonderful health care workers and everyone at CHI Franciscan in Burien. I arrived to get my first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, and everyone was friendly, efficient and extremely well organized. I was in and out in less than half an hour, and that includes a 25-minute wait afterward. Thank you!

RANT to neighbors who put their dog’s bagged droppings onto their driveway then leave the colorful baggies to accumulate during the week for all to see. Gross and inconsiderate!

RAVE to all the Little Free Libraries and painted rocks in our Lake City community! They continually bring me a lot of joy on my walks. I even have a combo library-rock stop when I walk north into Lake Forest Park. The artist paints rocks for beauty, the season and even topical subjects, like honoring Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Amanda Gorman’s Inauguration Day poem. Visitors are invited to take one. It feels like a virtual hug to the neighborhood to share these things.

RANT to all those oblivious Seattle park patrons who stop, often in big clots, smack in the middle of roads, trails and sidewalks. You force other walkers onto wet grass, bushes or often out into traffic to get around you while you chat with your friends, or worse, just read your phone. If you must stop, notice your surroundings and get off to the side of the trail or path, or find a place where others can easily pass you without having to get less than 6 feet from you, or fall down a cliff to get around you. Learn and teach to others the meaning of single file.


RAVE to our high school junior (and all the other high school students out there) for wrapping up their first semester of the school year, making the best of this crazy time, continuing to apply themselves 100%, following guidelines and making the most of their extra free time, too. So proud of you!

RANT to the many unmasked cyclists, runners and walkers along busy sections of the Burke-Gilman Trail, especially the groups. While you’re huffing and puffing and shouting to each other, you’re putting others at risk. 

RAVE to the staff at Swedish First Hill’s oncology department. They have been so kind, comforting and compassionate to our mom during this difficult time. We thank them for their skills, experience and expertise! We wouldn’t be getting through this without you!