RAVE To the local tow-truck driver sent by my road service when I was stranded with a dead car battery. He tested it and said it wouldn’t hold a charge and offered me a new battery with a six-year guarantee, nearly $200. I asked if he offered a senior discount and told him I recently received a bad health prognosis, and a six-year warranty was meaningless in my case. He installed the battery in my car for no cost! He insisted it was his personal choice, and I still got the written warranty. He’s a prince in my book. I’m looking for some small ways to pay it forward.

RAVE To Speak Out Seattle for providing fair and respectful forums to let the voting public hear from candidates running for Seattle City Council. Audience members submitted thoughtful questions and it was so good to hear the various responses. I appreciate the open-minded approach to letting us hear their positions on issues affecting our city.

RANT AND RAVE Rant to the woman who came to the church memorial service for our family member and scrolled through her phone during much of the service. Why did she bother to attend? Her behavior was horribly disrespectful and hurtful to the family. Rave to the family member who wrote, composed and sang a solo in honor of the deceased. It was beautiful.

RANT To people who question someone else’s intelligence if they don’t politically agree with them. Please try to think of another way to define your political views without being so divisive.

RAVE AND RANT Rave to my congressional representative and her aides for their responsiveness to constituent issues. They come to neighborhood meetings, answer the phone politely and went to bat with the Postal Service to get a U.S. mailbox for our neighborhood. I didn’t vote for her, but she really understands that she’s representing everyone who lives in her district. Rant to officials who are supposed to be representing us at the city, state and federal level whose aides answer the phone rudely, ignore our letters and emails, tell us they won’t meet with us, but then call at election time to ask us for money.

RANT To the father who told his son to “keep his distance” from us. My son has an intellectual disability, not typhoid. He loves to meet new people and make friends. What you are teaching your son is a disgrace; you have no right to treat others who you deem to be “different” as lepers. Shame on you. 

RAVE To the clerk at the local grocery store who, without asking, applied the “senior discount” on my bill. I was bemused but appreciative when I noticed it at home. I’m not sure what the age requirement is nor how old I look, but I love saving money!