Readers rave about Kubota Garden, motorist help, SPL adult story time, M's security guard; rant about lawn judging, distracted walkers and drivers, no help after fall

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RAVE AND RANT Rave to Kubota Garden park. After driving by for years, I finally visited; it’s a gem of a garden and a park Seattle can be proud of. Rant to people who left litter there, including a dirty diaper under a bush.

RAVE To the two men who appeared out of nowhere to push our stalled car across heavy traffic to safety on the side of the road. Shame on the many rude, honking drivers so insensitive to a stranded motorist’s plight!

RANT To myself for failing to stop for pedestrians. I promise to do a better job in the future watching out for you. Rant to pedestrians who walk oblivious, crossing against the light, in the middle of the block, texting, unaware of vehicles turning. You’re also responsible for your safety. Let’s work on this together.

RAVE To the security guard at Seattle Mariners games who gives guests wearing the visitor team’s apparel excellent directions to the M’s Team Store.

RANT To the people in front of us at the Concerts at the Mural who lit up marijuana three different times during the concert. No, people, it’s not legal, and yes, it’s rude! Many people don’t want to breathe your putrid smoke. Rant to my husband, myself and others around who didn’t say anything.

RANT AND RAVE Rant to the distracted man who walked backward into the Second Avenue bike lanes. When your friends ask about your bruises I hope you take responsibility. I tried to avoid you; the curb and a sign post met me. Rave to the first responders who swiftly tended to our injuries with compassion. I’m grateful to them, and to my helmet!

RANT To the people who didn’t bother to offer help to my brother-in-law, visiting from North Carolina, after he hit an uneven piece of sidewalk while running and tumbled to the ground. All four walked right by him without uttering a word. Fortunately, he was able to jog back up the hill and his wounds weren’t serious. His impression of the friendliness and caring of Seattleites suffered a more grievous injury.

RAVE To the Seattle Public Library Central Library for their adult story hour, with the librarian entertainingly doing all the voices. Great gift shop and Chocolati Cafe, too.

RANT To people who complain about neighbors’ lawns. I’m a yard-in-progress homeowner. So what if we paid “millions” for the home and “should be able to afford a gardener” to maintain the front yard. If you know how much our house cost, surely you can understand our being too busy working to weed. Also, we have a problem with all the chemicals and water waste that goes into a lawn and are planning a future yard that won’t take much watering or weed killers. It isn’t anyone’s business why we don’t hire a gardener.