RANT AND RAVE Rant to my neighbor with the barking dog. Cold, alone and scared in your yard. Day and night, he barks to get you, the leader of his pack, to rescue him! Please, invest in a dog door to a secure area of your house and let the poor animal come in and out as he wants. Rave to all you dog owners who already have doggy doors and pay attention to your dogs!

RAVE to Christine, who I met by chance on a chairlift, and another skier who helped me get my car out of Crystal Mountain’s H parking lot. I was stuck and getting nowhere fast. Christine happened to be parked nearby. She suggested we use rubber floor mats for traction. It all came together when another skier joined for a coordinated push. Thank you both!

RANT to Waste Management for routinely driving its trucks across my lawn and to both WM and Seattle Public Utilities for offering no help.

RAVE to the Amazon SuperVax site and all its volunteers for a great and safe experience.

RANT to those who have used their influence, wealth, cunning and lack of manners to get themselves vaccinated ahead of those most in need. Another rant to the organizations who have facilitated this potentially deadly selfishness. All I can say is shame on you.

RAVE to Cheryl at the Kaiser Permanente Northgate Medical Center laboratory for her years of skilled and painless blood draws. Her recent retirement is great for her, but we will miss her quick wit, caring nature and her unique skills.


RANT to people who brag on social media that they got their vaccine! They brag like they won the lottery, which isn’t far from the truth, but it’s totally inappropriate, inconsiderate and insensitive. There are thousands of us in the Seattle area who haven’t been able to even secure an appointment for the vaccine and who have spent hours on frustrating hours online trying to do so. Many of us are 80 or older and should be first in line, along with people with very serious medical conditions, but we seem to be the ones who are left out and have to read your brags (ad nauseam) about your wonderful experience! Please think of other people before you post. Your great experience makes the rest of us feel worse than we already do. Please just be thankful that you were able to get the vaccine and leave it at that.

RAVE to the thoughtful owners of Kaspars Catering & Events, who found me in distress on the sidewalk one evening and were kind enough to give me a lift to the firehouse to be assessed. Their generosity to a total stranger is deeply appreciated.

RANT to the news outlets that continue to show people getting shots. Enough already! Some of us are squeamish.