RANT AND RAVE Rant to the people blowing leaves off the sidewalks into the streets and leaving them there. They ultimately stop up the drains. Blow the leaves into piles and bag them up! Rave to the workers who bag up the leaves and to the city for picking up the filled bags for composting.

RAVE to the kind man who, while walking his dog before dawn, carries our (and probably others’) newspapers from the sidewalk to our front door. We really appreciate it, especially on rainy days.

RANT to all the clinics, pharmacies and those who are supposed to provide flu shots for not having ample vaccines on hand, or running out early. Flu vaccine shots are an annual occurrence and, it seems, so is running out of the stuff, along with many places claiming they don’t know when they will get more.

RAVE to Woodland Park Zoo for being open to people with disabilities on Wednesday afternoons from 2 to 4 p.m. This allows people of all ages to visit the zoo with or without their masks, depending on their needs. I grew up with a severely disabled brother and trust me, those gone before us fought long and hard for these services!

RANT to the catalytic converter thieves who are stealing scores of them every week for the precious metal, quickly getting under the car and sawing them out, including mine. Old Priuses are favorites. It only takes a few minutes. Insurance covers it, minus your deductible, but your insurance is likely to go up. Put your cars in the garage, every night. No garage? Put a webcam on your dash at least. One dealership said they had to do 10 replacements in one week.

RANT AND RAVE Rant to the woman at Whole Foods in Roosevelt who gave the cashier a hard time about not being able to use her own reusable bags, and was just plain snarky from there. You were so rude, I was embarrassed for you. Rave to the cashier and bagger who maintained positivity and professionalism in spite of the rude woman. Thank you so much for being an essential worker. Please know that the vast majority of us are incredibly thankful to you and understand the risk you take every day so we can buy groceries for our families. 

RANT AND RAVE Rant to all the employees at an auto parts store in Everett for not using face masks. One of them had a mask hanging under their chin, but didn’t pull it up when there were customers near them. When I wrote a comment on its corporate website, I ironically received an email saying their response may be delayed due the coronavirus. Rave to all the employees at all the other stores I’ve been to who follow the mask mandate.