RANT On a rainy afternoon on I-90, a large piece of wood flew off a pickup truck and slammed into my windshield. The windshield didn’t shatter, but the impact caused me to lose visibility briefly. Fortunately, I was able to keep control of my car in heavy traffic. This could have been a tragic accident for me or others.

RAVE While ordering at a food truck, the worker asked how my day was going and I replied that I was dealing with news that my beloved 11-year-old dog Marley had cancer. He paid for my entire meal and a chicken breast for Marley, who was with me. It brought tears to my eyes and gave me faith in kindness in our world.

RANT Teacher Appreciation Day was May 7, but teaching is one of the least valued jobs in this country. Our work starts long before classes start and lasts long after classes end. Teachers are expected to be subject-matter experts, mentors, coaches and counselors; make difficult material accessible and fun; and do it with a laughable salary and diminishing resources. We’re expected to train classes in case of active shooters and have advanced degrees, but we’re often treated as glorified baby-sitters. I’ve been assaulted by angry students and have helped students struggling with homelessness, abuse, learning disabilities and mental illnesses. I love my job, but I still have people say “Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach.” Occasionally students thank me, but I’ve yet to see real appreciation. How about airlines or restaurants offering a teachers discount? How about having a living wage without holding a strike?

RANT To the woman letting her dog run loose at Gene Coulon park, a few yards from the sign that clearly says only service dogs are allowed in the park. Maybe she can’t read, but she needs to know she’s not an exception to the rules, and not everyone appreciates being “greeted” by her dog.

RAVE We’re in the process of moving so I’ve made several trips to the big blue donation truck near us. On one trip I mistakenly donated some of my kids’ hand-knit blankets. When I realized it, I was given a number to call to report the accidental donation, telling them I knew they were looking for a needle in a haystack. Imagine my surprise when, a few hours later, I got a call saying they found my blankets. I’m so grateful for the return of these items of sentimental value, and I’m still in disbelief!

RANT To whoever decided unisex public restrooms are a good idea. I’m forever having to put the “Out of Order” sign on one of our two public restrooms because there’s urine all over the floor in front of, or on, the toilet. Guys and gals need their own facilities!