RANT to the movie theater in Seattle we attended Saturday night. First, parking was complicated, with scanning QR codes and punching in license plate numbers. Parking was over $11. Second, we found out two days later, our credit card had been compromised as a result of this transaction. We had to cancel it, which meant contacting every business that bills us automatically to tell them our new number. Third, arriving at the theater, we discovered parking was actually free if we had known the code (only available in the theater, not posted in the parking garage). Fourth, our movie theater was so cold I sat there with my winter coat and gloves on. Complaining didn’t change anything. No apology, no refund. We’re never attending that theater again!

RAVE to all the restaurants and bars that offer a thoughtful selection of nonalcoholic beverages and mocktails. You made Dry January more fun.

RANT to the guy who thinks his time is more valuable than the other 20-plus people waiting patiently in their cars in the donation line at the thrift store on Jan. 23. He’s so important that he parked his car and walked his things into the donation bins, which are limited to begin with, making everyone following the rules wait longer. I hope you didn’t pass on your sense of entitlement to any children you may have. Next time, try being a decent human being and wait your turn. I think Veruca Salt may have some advice for you as well.

RAVE to the crew on the 9:20 ferry from Seattle to Bainbridge Island Tuesday night. I needed a taxi to take me home from Winslow when we landed. My phone was on the fritz. I interrupted a crew meeting of about eight folks to ask if any of them could help. The team leader tried to fix my phone while another crew member found the taxi number on his phone. I called and left a message for a pickup! Then as I walked off, two women asked if I needed a ride home as they were on their way to Port Townsend. They had overheard my concern, and not only went out of their way to be helpful, but drove me right to my house!

RAVE to a generous person. We recently had a delicious lunch at a restaurant near the Coupeville ferry [terminal] on Whidbey Island. There were nine of us ladies catching up, enjoying good conversation. We didn’t know a man eating alone at the bar was listening to our conversations. On his way out, he thanked us because he enjoyed hearing us. When we asked the server for our checks, she said that gentleman had paid the entire check. We were so shocked, yet so grateful. We spread the generosity by giving more tip money to our server. She had never seen the man before, yet maybe he’ll see this. THANK YOU SO MUCH!