RAVE to Alejandro Cerrudo, Pacific Northwest Ballet’s first resident choreographer, and all of the dancers and production crew for the fabulous program “Singularly Cerrudo.” The power of your creativity has nourished my heart and made me proud to be a part of the human race. Thank you.

RANT to armored-car companies that require delivery and pickup trucks to keep their engines running. You thoroughly ruined our meal on a patio with your obnoxious noise. 

RAVE to Seattle parks and neighborhood landscapers for the beautiful colors your trees, especially maples, provide. And to P-Patch gardeners whose pumpkins, artichokes, kale and peppers continue to provide color for us to enjoy. To all those fans of Halloween, for your carved pumpkins, mummies, skeletons, ghosts, witches and bats. And, finally, to giant pumpkins awaiting to rise from their pumpkin patches. Thanks to all for your hard work to push back the rain and the coming darkness of winter.

RANT to drivers speeding and tailgating all over Burien. Why are you so important that speed limits don’t apply to you? Another rant to the hit-and-run Burien car thief who ran a red light and plowed into the side of my 2021 Toyota Corolla. I can only hope karma (carma?) catches up with you!

RAVE to the woman who maintains a treat jar near her sidewalk for all the Phinney Ridge neighborhood dogs. Her own beloved pet died, so she offers treats to others in his memory. The dogs all love their walks because they get to go to the treat jar.

RANT to the solo Amazon drivers using the Interstate 405 HOV lanes, but I guess it’s really aimed at their bosses threatening to fire them for getting stuck in traffic with the rest of us.


RAVE to the owner and waitress at The Blue Glass who made my 89-year-old mother very happy at her birthday lunch celebration. We called ahead to make sure they had the lobster roll she desired. When we got there, the waitress shared that even though it wasn’t on the evening menu that night, they were going to make it for her. The kitchen did not have lobster in stock, so the owner had gone out and specially purchased it. The outdoor setting was comfortable and relieved our anxiousness about gathering together in these trying times of COVID-19.

RANT to a local store for its failure to provide carts for shopping in the store. Carts are apparently stolen regularly but management has for many months failed to install necessary control mechanisms. Management concedes that store sales have fallen as a result. Is the store scheduled for closure?

RANT AND RAVE Rave to those who dispose of their cigarette butts properly in garbage receptacles and not in the street. Rant to those who empty their ashtrays on the street and/or toss their butts out the window. Better yet, eat them and then people won’t have to pick them up.