RAVE to the 90% of pedestrians in the Olympic Sculpture Park who were wearing masks the other day!

RANT to the person picking fennel at the Edmonds WinCo. I went there the other week for some fennel. Keeping a distance, I was waiting behind a man who took every single stalk off the shelf, picked out the green parts right in the middle of the bulb for collection in a small bag and put the fennel bulb back on the shelf. How about that in the age of the coronavirus? Needless to say, I came home without the wanted fennel.

RAVE to the Marination Ma Kai employee who swept up two rather large piles of broken glass in the parking lot of Seacrest Park in West Seattle. This restaurant and its employees are always looking out for the area around and beyond their place of business.

RANT to those who wear their masks below their noses. It is clear that masks are only effective if they cover both the mouth and nose. If your mask doesn’t cover both, you are not protecting yourself or others around you. It is especially troubling when retail staff who are in direct contact with the public have the top edge of the mask below the nose. If I see this, I seek another store that really cares about the safety of its staff and customers.

RAVE to the Miller Playfield staff who’ve made a difficult, perhaps impossible situation work for such a broad swath of society in the middle of the pandemic: parents with children, folks picnicking together, pickup basketball games, youth sports, people without homes, housed folks stepping outside their homes to breathe. It’s been a heavy burden for staff, negotiating diverse needs and tastes while keeping the grounds picked up. Thank you.

RANT to the internet providers and/or software developers who have made it virtually impossible to block unwelcome email senders. We are now forced to read every advertisement, phishing scheme, etc.


RAVE to the mom who celebrated her twin sons’ 18th birthday by taking their photos as they deposited their votes in the ballot box. You all are an inspiration.

RANT AND RAVE Rant to the bicyclists who passed us while we were walking on the Burke-Gilman Trail in the Kenmore area the other day, speeding by without saying “on your left” or ringing a bell. They make normal walking on a beautiful autumn day a dangerous experience. Rave to the two bikers who warned us of their closeness.

RANT AND RAVE Rant to Seattle drivers who honk despite seeing the “student driver” sticker on the back of our car. Your honking does no good. Instead, focus on your own driving and keeping everybody safe. My student is doing so and so should you. You had to learn at some point and it seems to be time for a refresher course in civility. Rave to my teenager for not giving up!