RAVE To the young woman from Seattle Youth Symphony who took the time to play her cello for my dying friend. She gave him immeasurable joy in his last hours, and her presence was as beautiful as her music.

RANT To people who keep the American flag up 24/7, as it gets wet, dirty and worn. Maybe it’s considered OK to fly an all-weather flag in bad weather, but couldn’t you at least wash it or replace it now and then? We put ours out on the appropriate holidays and otherwise keep it clean and dry inside. We grew up in Scouting and learned how to respect the flag.

RAVE I attended the May 27 dedication of the new Veterans Memorial at the Northshore School District’s Pop Keeney Stadium, an amazing and moving event, and difficult, since one of the names on the memorial had been my son’s teammate on the Bothell High soccer team. We owe so much to people in the military and their families. Sincere thanks to them all.

RAVE AND RANT Rave to Edmonds firefighters who visited the water-spray park to pass out ice pops to kids, making a great day even better! Rant to parents who let their kids with squirt guns run rampant there, not paying attention as the kids squirted strangers and toddlers. Just because your kids are old enough to be more independent doesn’t mean you can check out from watching them.

RAVE To Seattle Parks Department staff who keep the baseball/volleyball fields at Green Lake beautifully weeded, mowed and looking look like a fairway at the Masters.

RANT AND RAVE Rant to the driver who yelled at me to use a crosswalk while crossing a street. Pedestrians have the right of way at all marked AND unmarked crosswalks, which is where I was. This driver, and many others, break this rule daily. Rave to the few drivers who have stopped for me at this crosswalk.


RANT To people in airports and restaurant bars who take up seats with their luggage or handbags. When space is at a minimum, please store your personal belongings on your lap or on the floor to allow others to sit.

RANT AND RAVE Rant to me for, after having a bad day, injecting myself into a mother and her kids’ space at a grocery-store salad bar. One of the kids was being obnoxiously loud and out of control, but I should have just walked away. A rave to the mother for her spirited defense of her well-cared-for children.

RAVE To the two young women in the car in front of us in a two-hour traffic jam on I-5 who signaled what radio station they were listening to so I could tune in, turning a tedious situation into a fun time with my 12-year-old son as we all jammed out on radio songs together. Keep dancing!