RAVE to Seattle for returning the Space Needle’s lid (again) to its original color. Leave it! What a great story to tell visitors.

RANT to the King County Library System for having some library branches open six days per week and closed on Saturdays. That is surely the busiest day of the week and the only day when some people have time to go to the library. I really can’t understand why they have made this decision.

RAVE to the couple whose car I crashed into on my bike last weekend on Lake Washington Boulevard South near Seward Park. I was fumbling with my phone to try to catch an image of the gorgeous cherry blossoms and glanced away for a brief moment. The SUV in front of me stopped abruptly and I did not. I was on the ground immediately terrified that the car door would slam and an angry driver would get out but instead I was met by an incredibly kind couple who emphatically reassured me the car was not their first concern, made a joke about my bad driving, and took a moment to share a personal story about their son, who at 40 suffered a life-altering medical condition that changed everything about their life as they knew it. In the span of three minutes, I was surprised by landing on the ground, fearful for the reaction from the driver, in awe of the kindness of strangers, and in complete adoration and gratitude of these people who chose to comfort me when I needed it most. Thank you. I will not forget you, your reaction or your story. I was truly touched.  

RANT to overuse of the phrase “reach out.” It has taken on so many meanings that it has become meaningless. If you call, text, email, write a letter, meet face to face, say so. If you make contact, you have reached. If you solicit business or fish for information, you are not “reaching out.” If you offer to lend a helping hand or extend your hand to touch or grasp something, you reach out.

RAVE to the Hanky Panky Band who donates their time freely and plays on the second and fourth Tuesday every month at The Salvation Army’s White Center branch. The senior center is packed on those days. It allows the seniors to get out, dance and enjoy each other’s company, and brings joy to us seasoned citizens. Thank you so much for all that you do.

RANT to Washington State Ferries online reservations and help line.   The ferry help line recording informs the caller how important your call is, then before you know it, the ferry line terminates your call leaving you starting the whole process over. Reason for the call? Online reservations were down. 


RANT to hotels that charge twice as much for using frequent-flyer miles versus cash. For example, 20,130 points (at a penny a point or $201.30) versus $89.25 on the hotel website. Stop ripping us off. Practice equality or let us cash out those useless points.

RAVE to the table next to us at a local restaurant. While celebrating my 80th with my family, the table next to us treated me to a glass of Champagne. How cute is that? Thank you!

RANT to people who call back repeatedly immediately after they have been transferred to voicemail. Yes, I am present and pushed the button on the phone to send you to voicemail. No, I am not available to take your call. No, your call is not urgent enough to interrupt my work meeting, doctor’s appointment or in-person conversation. Please leave a message and I’ll return your call at a more convenient time. Don’t keep calling me back — you’ll still get sent to voicemail and I will be seriously annoyed when I do speak with you.

RAVE to the guy with the very expensive-looking bright yellow remote control submersible at the Edmonds fishing pier. Rather than looking for things with resale value like lost rings, he spent hours using his submersible’s claw to pick up garbage from the bottom of Puget Sound. Thank you, whoever you are!

RANT AND RAVE Rave to recent upgrades at Sea-Tac Airport’s north satellite, helping to make travel to and from the area a more pleasant experience. Rant to the lack of water faucets or bottle-filling stations in concourse C. The only faucet is at the end of the concourse and it was out of order when I departed, and still not repaired when I returned a week later. The warm water in the restroom faucets is just nasty, but you can buy overpriced water literally everywhere!