RANT to the Jump bikes that proliferate at Alki and have become mobile billboards for graffiti.

RAVE to the previous owners of the house that my daughter and son-in-law recently purchased for their family of three. They left a child-sized chair and huggable, lovable teddy bear in front of the hearth, “for the little one.” They were incredibly thoughtful to welcome the new family into a well-loved home.

RANT to the amount of e-bikes on biking and walking trails in Seattle that don’t allow motorized vehicles. E-bikes have an electric motor allowing speeds up to 28 mph! It would be OK if they didn’t exceed the normal 15 mph speed limit on trails, but many don’t. E-bike users, please don’t give your mode of transportation a bad name!

RAVE to Brian, the dad of two darling children at Safeway who saw I was having a very physically difficult time and was so kind as to offer to unload my cart for me! He was so sweet and I thanked him repeatedly. I just hope he sees this. He was a good example to his young ones and I was so grateful. My son would have done the same thing!

RANT to Bumbershoot ticket prices. I’ve greatly enjoyed the festival every year but the last two or three, it became too expensive for me to afford. Like many others, I’m not a new tech millionaire, therefore, no more Bumbershoot for me. I’ve lived here for 40 years but obviously Seattle isn’t my town anymore.

RAVE to the Seattle Department of Transportation for clearing trash and overgrown plants from their properties near walking paths.


RANT to parents and child-care givers who push pretentious, huge, cup-holding, double-wide strollers on the sidewalks, forcing other walkers to step into the gutter or onto muddy yards in order to pass by. Often, at least one of the children being pushed is capable of walking and should be walking. If you need a stroller for two, get the tandem style and share the sidewalk, store aisle, and doorway with everyone else.

RAVE to James, Emily and Taylor, who extracted my foot from my bike when I slipped on the metal slat near the Fremont bridge. They were so kind and gentle. I was lucky to end up with only bruises and nothing broken!

RANT to the person whose wallet I found on Third and Columbia in downtown Seattle. I took the time to return it to you in Mountlake Terrace and you didn’t even say thank you. It took me and my friend two hours to get it back to you. Karma will catch up with you!

RANT AND RAVE Rant to self-righteous people who think they have the right to critique other people’s rants. Rave to those who realize that we each have, and are entitled to, our own opinions.