RANT to everybody throwing good/near-new furniture and household items in the recycling or garbage. There are people and nonprofits who will pick them up at no cost to you.

RAVE to the West Seattle neighbor who picks up trash along California Avenue Southwest. You set a good example for all of us!

RANT to the driver in the concrete cutting-company truck in downtown Seattle driving with their elbows on the steering wheel and both hands and eyes on a cellphone.

RAVE to all the architects, engineers and builders who are bringing startling interest and a new aesthetic to our skyline. Sure there is inconvenience, but it’s exciting at the same time.

RANT to people who smoke in stadiums. It is really disrespectful to the people around them. This applies to all kinds of smoke.

RAVE to the hairdressers at an Eastside beauty salon who are taking care of the clients of one of their stylists who was diagnosed with cancer while she is unable to work. They are also sending her all the profit from her clients to help with the cost of her medical treatments!


RANT to the live coverage during Seahawks exhibition games. The continual talk about other teams and interviews with various people as the Seahawks played in the background was so disruptive for those of us who would have preferred to watch the game. Please focus on what is happening at the time and save the other commentary and interviews for when the field is quiet!

RAVE to the individual who found my driver’s license and mailed it back to me.

RANT to the people who use paper towels! Ever heard of using dish towels and cloth napkins? We stopped using paper towels and napkins years ago in favor of reducing useless waste for simple convenience when a dish towel works just as well.

RAVE to the person who found and turned in my gold signet ring that came off my finger at Fred Meyer in Ballard. The ring was very sentimental to me. It was made by a good friend 50 years ago and worn 24/7. I wish I could personally thank this honest, do-right person. The younger generation keeps me hopeful and humble.

RANT to several of my fellow tenants in our low-income senior-housing building whose apartments qualify for an episode of “Hoarders” thanks to trash piled high on patios, foul smells emanating from under doors, etc. I know most of you are capable of cleaning up. Turn off your TVs, get off your phones, and get to work. If you’re disabled, there are services available to help. You’re putting the building and the rest of us at risk. A second rant to the management for not enforcing the housekeeping rules.

RAVE to the Seattle freeze. Why should I have to pretend to be interested in your blather?