RAVE to the gentleman who let me follow him to my daughter’s horse back riding camp in Fall City. The road was closed, I didn’t know my way around that area, my cellphone had died and I was in a panic. A huge thank you to the man in the green pickup truck!

RANT to airports that aren’t accessible and make it difficult for disabled people to get around. I was dropped off by a courtesy van at the parking garage where I then had to walk to the elevators, go up two levels, exit, cross over a long sky bridge, then go down an elevator to the departure level. I can barely walk and having to do this is so incredibly painful and difficult. We were told that it is possible for them to drop a person right at the departure level doors, but that it is a huge hassle. You have to call ahead to get permission and it takes a lot of time. This adds just one more huge, painful hassle to my travel. I think airports need a friendlier, easier way to make sure those of us with mobility issues can be dropped off right at the departure level doors.