RAVE To the relatives and friends who write and publish obituaries for their loved ones. Also to the papers, for running them. Amid all of the crisis headlines and bad news, these are a ray of sunshine in my day. It’s gratifying to read of lives well lived. The histories of many of these folks are astounding and one can only imagine what they had seen unfold throughout their lifetimes.

RANT To the disrespectful bicyclists splitting lanes in stop-and-go traffic, cutting across the street against the light, and causing motorists to slam on their brakes because they aren’t using the bicycle lane.

RANT To the unmanaged trees/greenery at Admiral Viewpoint overlooking Elliott Bay in West Seattle. There is virtually no view because of it.

RAVE To our daughter for taking advantage of all the opportunities thrown her way and taking the next steps toward a higher education.  You rock!

RANT To the incorrect signage on I-5 for indicating there would be three right lanes closed ahead when it was really the left lanes that were being closed. Not a safe mistake to make, especially in the rain.

RAVE To travel businesses for taking innovative and creative action on climate change.  Not only are they setting a moral example, they are inspiring other businesses to do the same.


RANT To the two bike-share riders who decided to go off trail at Discovery Park. Bikes may be ridden on all the paved roads and trails in Discovery Park. Bikes must be walked on any soft-surface trails. Seattle has many beautiful outdoor recreation areas, including places appropriate for mountain biking. Go find one! Please do your part to help maintain these spaces for the next generation.

RANT To the Highway 99 tunnel. One lane dedicated to buses, one for the tunnel and one for an exit does not make lives easier. I wish Bertha was still stuck!

RAVE To the Seattle Parks department for placing signs that say “No Fireworks Allowed” in various public parks before July 4.  May there be twice as many of these signs next year.

RANT To drivers who don’t stop for pedestrians and yell obscenities at them.

RAVE To the man I saw use his work ladder to climb up and wipe off a muddy street sign in North Capitol Hill. His young daughters were with him and watched. What a great example for children — take care of things that belong to the community.

RANT To smokers for polluting the air and littering streets, yards and sidewalks.

RANT AND RAVE Rant to cashiers who don’t know how to perform a refund correctly. Rave to stores for having wonderful items to buy.

RANT To the group of women canvassing our neighborhood to preach their beliefs to us and disregarding our no solicitation signs. Respect that not everyone wants your beliefs preached to them.