RANT & RAVE Rant to cat owners who let their cats roam free. Cats kill more than a billion birds a year and we’ve spent years cultivating a bird sanctuary only to have a house cat kill baby bushtits and countless others. Rave to responsible cat owners who keep their pets inside.

RAVE To the young man who proposed to his boyfriend on a busy Friday night at a fast-food restaurant, making everyone’s night better. Congrats and happy Pride month!

RANT If you have bad heart burn or a bad pain in the shoulder or chest, don’t ignore it! On my second day of pain my family doctor sent me immediately to the best cardiology clinic in Seattle. I was in and out with my “mild” heart attack in less than 24 hours, but the lifesaving follow-up medication prescribed costs a mind-boggling $4,000 a year! I was given a coupon to lower it to $5 a month but it was refused because I’m on Medicare, which means I’m one of the people who need a hand with the exorbitant cost of health care.

RAVE & RANT Rave to the homegrown talents of Brandi Carlile and Neko Case and the legendary Emmylou Harris for their recent performance at the Gorge, and to the breathtaking beauty of Washington state showcased in this beautiful venue. Rant to the entitled, self-absorbed women behind me who kept up a nonstop, loud conversation during the concert.

RANT To political surveys accompanied by a solicitation of financial contribution, giving the implication that the value of one’s opinion is commensurate with the size of the accompanying contribution.

RAVE To the local pizza chain that offers compostable packaging, utensils, cups, etc. We need more companies like this, taking active steps to make the world a little greener.


RANT To the organizers of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon and the city for allowing this event to cause a day of gridlock and the loss of ability of anyone living near the route to go anywhere. As if it wasn’t bad enough, this year they added a second day of events, inconveniencing thousands of Seattle residents. There’s no alternate routes when major routes are entirely blocked. Why can’t this be done out in the country? Only a tiny fraction of the population participates in this. Can’t we encourage healthier alternatives and sports that don’t ruin everyone else’s day?

RANT To the electric-bike rider who took a curve on the bike trail and hit me. Though I appreciate his stopping to check on my condition, he was dismissive of his responsibility for the collision. He needs to get instruction on the safe operation of this potentially dangerous vehicle.

RAVE & RANT Rave to the couple I see most mornings walking and picking up trash in Kirkland. Rant that pedestrians and drivers toss so much trash that there’s always stuff to pick up.