Readers rave about TSA, pets, Metro Night Stop, hardworking immigrants, metal detector helpers, Seattle Children's valet parking; rant about not acknowledging gifts, garbage at Cheasty Greenspace, Green Lake runners, inattentive parents

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RAVE To the guys who hunt at Green Lake Park with metal detectors who volunteered to search our garden for my wife’s missing wedding ring. Five volunteers came and searched every inch of our property. They didn’t find the ring but their efforts produced something as valuable; a wonderful reminder that people are generally really awesome. Many thanks, guys, and I hope next time you’re at Green Lake you find 10 pounds of solid gold.

RAVE To the unpaid TSA employees my family and I encountered on a recent trip for their outstanding courtesy and professionalism, and to all federal workers who are on the job without pay.

RANT To the person/persons who dump loads of garbage in or near Cheasty Greenspace, including furniture and garbage recently in the road! What kind of human being does that? I hope someone catches them in the act soon.

RANT To the runner who misjudged passing my amazing 87-year-old mom who walks around Green Lake every morning and knocked her down. Yes, accidents happen, and luckily she didn’t break anything, but to all runners, please be careful of walkers when running early in the morning.

RAVE For free valet parking at the emergency room at Seattle Children’s hospital that made a stressful trip to the ER a lot easier.

RAVE AND RANT Rave to the internet provider who spent many hours in our neighborhood pulling wire. We appreciate the infrastructure upgrade. Rant to the same firm for leaving bits of tie wire, zip ties, sheet metal, even bolts all along our street shoulders. It’s not only messy, it’s a hazard to pooch paws and tires.

RAVE To all the hardworking people who have worked on my house projects this year. More than half were immigrants, and I have great admiration for their work ethic and respect for me and my property. Welcome.

RANT To the young couple in the park, heads buried in their cellphones, ignoring their toddler in tow and two preschoolers on the swings. Your lack of parenting is shameful, and you’re not the only ones.

RAVE To King County Metro’s Night Stop program from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m. when passengers may request a stop other than a regular stop, if they ask the driver in time. It’s very helpful to me to feel much safer getting off closer to my home. Thank you, Metro.

RANT AND RAVE Rant to people who receive wedding, birthday, etc. gifts and don’t bother to write, email or phone a thank you, leaving the sender to wonder whether the gift was received. Rave to those who have the courtesy and thoughtfulness to send a handwritten note of thanks, especially to grandmothers!

RAVE To our dogs, cats and other pets for their unconditional love, allegiance and innocence. One of humankind’s great salvations is its relationship with our animals. Bless their hearts.