Readers rave about help at Children's hospital, ferry staff, Lummi Nation, Scottish piper; rant about loud busker, Confederate flag, noisy cars, phone conversations, dog left in car

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RAVE  To Jennifer, who was so kind and helpful to my wife and I when we were unfamiliar with car parking and security arrangements at Seattle Children’s hospital. We’re here from the UK visiting our granddaughter while she was a patient there. Jennifer’s guidance and support were much appreciated at a time when we were very anxious.

RANT  To the couple that left their dog in the car while visiting a winery. A lot of folks were close to breaking a window when security finally tracked them down. They proceeded to scream vulgar words at all the concerned people at their car. They don’t deserve to own such a beautiful dog or any animal. Shame on both of them.

RAVE  To the wonderful gentleman who took the time to dress in full Scottish regalia on Memorial Day to walk around the cemetery playing the bagpipes for who-knows-how-long. It was so lovely and respectful and promoted bittersweet reflection.

RANT  To people whose loud,  self-possessed never-ending Bluetooth monologues at Seattle cafes prevents me from hearing myself  think. Research has shown that one-way conversations are highly distracting to others. Please be more considerate to those in your actual physical vicinity. You can always take it outside.

RAVE AND RANT  Rave to drivers who stop for pedestrians trying to cross at intersections, and rant to those who don’t.  The traffic would be a lot worse if we were driving.

RANT  To drivers of cars with engine and exhaust noise amplifiers who seem to love roaring past other motorists on city streets at higher than posted speed limits. The noise is startling, offensive and totally unnecessary noise pollution.

RAVE  To the Lummi Nation for their diligence in securing our waters from the Atlantic salmon invasion, and to the wonderful biologists who worked night and day with the Lummi in their pursuit of the invasive salmon.

RANT  To the construction worker in my neighborhood with the Confederate flag on his hard hat. Please get rid of the hat. We don’t want to see that here.

RAVE  To the ferry staff on the Mukilteo/Clinton run, who were so kind when we took our three young children to ride the ferry and, not knowing how short the ride was, were treated with kindness and tolerance when we had a table full of snacks, activities and drinks, and a fussy baby, when the ferry arrived in Clinton. Thanks for your understanding from two flustered parents.

RANT  To the busker at Green Lake who assumed that the crowd of people passing by would appreciate his loud repeated declaration that he was collecting money for a sex change so that he could become a lesbian and then mayor.  I wish I’d told him that his comment was rude, not funny, and especially disrespectful to the LGBT community and our mayor.