RANT to our economy. I just spent $15 for ONE sandwich. Yes, I was hungry and lazy. But, $15 for one sandwich (includes tip)?!? Heavens, when I started my first job in 1966 at 75 cents an hour (yeah, you read that right), today’s sandwich meant 20 hours of work in 1966. My burger joint was selling hamburgers at 10 cents each. My sandwich today would have bought me 150 burgers! Heavens, yes, it’s 55 years ago, but what has happened to our economy? Is that kind of price differential reasonable? It’s no wonder that people are struggling!

RAVE to the Shorewood High School hip-hop team. They hosted a showcase for themselves and other local artists that was positively overflowing with talent, emotion, love and respect. What a wonderful night of young energy and artistry!

RANT to Major League Baseball players who wear gold necklaces (and sometimes two or three) conspicuously while on the field. Grow up, boys, it’s not an attractive look. It wasn’t in the ’80s and isn’t now.

RAVE to the Seattle Pacific University students who staged a multiple day “sit-in” in front of the university president’s office to demonstrate opposition to the board of trustees’ decision to maintain discriminatory policy of not hiring LGBTQ+ faculty and staff.

RANT to neighbors who are capable but don’t mow their lawns in a timely manner, let their weeds go to seed all over the neighborhood and don’t clean up the tree debris that litters the sidewalk and street. It’s not a good look and I don’t want your weeds.

RAVE to the wonderful guy, Jeff, who witnessed a theft of my electric bike while I was inside a coffeehouse. He followed the suspect from afar, called out to him about the bike, causing the thief to abandon the bike and run. He then returned bike intact and ready to ride again.   Life is good.


RANT AND RAVE Rant to restaurants, particularly a well-known loud Mexican restaurant in Wallingford and Woodinville that uses portable credit card readers that don’t show an itemized bill and try to suggest that we tip (20% recommended) on the food and sales tax. Rave to restaurants that provide a printed itemized bill without having to ask for it.

RANT to the city of Seattle for not opening the help desk for permitting questions. Every business is now open in the Seattle area but you choose to be of no service for the average homeowner. If you are so lucky to get ahold of someone on the phone it usually involves waiting on hold for 30-45 minutes. Emailed questions take 24-48 hours. So you get one question kind of answered and then you need to email again with another question. You wonder why people then start projects/repairs without getting a permit! 

RANT to convenience store operators who offer in-store cash machines! Why on Earth would you subject your business to a possible smash and grab? Be wise, let FDIC-approved banks dole out the cash. Get rid of the cash machine and there is no worry of damage to the business, problem solved!

RANT to Sound Transit. My son recently used the light rail from Sea-Tac Airport to Northgate and was impressed by the convenience. I, however, had a totally frustrating experience going to pick him up. Exiting from Interstate 5 south at Northgate I didn’t see a single sign directing me to the station’s drop-off and pickup zone. A totally frustrating experience. Improve your signage starting from the I-5 exit.