RAVE to amazing customer service. The other night I went to Mekenie Pampangga’s Special, a local Filipino restaurant in Renton to pick up a to-go order for my family. About an hour after we finished our delicious dinner, we heard a knock on the front door. As I opened the door, a young woman from the restaurant was standing there and asked for me by name. After I let her know that I was the person she was looking for, she proceeded to hand me my wallet that I had unknowingly dropped after paying for my food. Wow! Thank you Mekenie Pampangga’s, you are most definitely Special. Thank you very much for going out of your way.

RANT to the woman at Target in Ballard who was excoriating the young clerk because she had to pay $2 for parking. Write or complain to the building management, not the poor clerk working for minimum wage. Park your car on the street or shop somewhere else. Don’t make your bad day everyone else’s as well. When in doubt, choose to be kind.