RAVE to conscientious Seattle drivers who put the common good ahead of their own selfish needs by moving along while looking for a spot in a crowded parking lot, avoiding the impact their behavior has on others as they stop traffic while patiently waiting with their blinker on for a spot that may never open up.

RANT AND RAVE Rant to the skier at Crystal Mountain who hit my husband from the back with no warning and caused him to fall. It is basic skiing etiquette to call out if you are passing a skier. This fall potentially contributed to a significant eye issue two days later requiring three visits for medical intervention so far. This also resulted in no more skiing for my husband for the remainder of the season. Rave to the ophthalmologist who saw my husband on a Sunday morning and to the retina specialist who saw him the following Monday. We appreciate your timely response and willingness to see my husband over the holiday weekend.