RAVE to our Fauntleroy neighborhood. My 93-year-old husband goes out for a daily walk with his walker. He likes to take these walks alone so he can go at his own “pace.” Lately he has been approached by perfect strangers asking if he’s alone, if he needs groceries and if there is anyone to look out for him. They have no idea how happy this makes him. He comes home delighted. We are deeply touched by these individuals who are reaching out to offer him whatever he might need. Isn’t this what we all are needing right now? Just a little kindness each day, even if it’s from a stranger.

RANT to grocery store aisles. How hard would it be for grocery stores to make its aisles one way during this time of physical distancing? A little tape on the floor in the shape of an arrow would go a long way in keeping people 6 feet apart. It is impossible when passing each other in a narrow aisle.