RAVE to Eastside Baby Corner (Issaquah). I had a serendipitous experience there. I recently dropped off a donation and volunteer Tim noticed that I had a very flat tire. Without hesitation, Tim and Greg offered to change my tire and did it within minutes. I was quickly on my way back home. What a wonderful bunch of volunteers!

RANT to hotels for charging resort/service fees. They enable them to advertise lower nightly rates, and then they tack on the additional $25-$50 in fees that “are meant to provide access to certain amenities or facilities.”

RANT AND RAVE Rant to the driver who backed into the handicapped spot next to the one I’d just parked in, then got out and cussed at me for taking the one he was “going to back into.” I’m handicapped and had hung my placard. I don’t read minds. Rave to the woman who observed his behavior, and told him he needed to lighten up.