RANT to long waits at medical offices. I am getting fed up with them. I make it a point to arrive on time, or early, but always end up waiting 20 minutes, often more, to be seen. This morning, for example, I had the first appointment at 7:30 a.m. for physical therapy. The only person there was the desk person who checked me in. I saw my therapist arrive 10 minutes later and she saw me about 10 minutes after that. No apologies from her. Isn’t my time just as valuable as hers?

RAVE to the kind Tesla owner I met in a store parking lot on Saturday. You were kind enough to help a 70-year-old lady (me) push my car out of a traffic aisle when it stalled. You were utterly gracious about it, and refrained from making any comparisons between my 1992 Honda and your sleek, electric, environmentally friendly beauty. Thanks!