RAVE to Kirkland for keeping the creative low bridge warning signs. They attract attention, bring a smile, and are informative. It shows personality! Hopefully the city will find other ways to do that and not just be a staid suburb.

RANT to the rental bike that was strewn in the only accessible spot available to this handicapped person. Huge rant to rental bikes and the city of Seattle for not ensuring that these e-bikes are parked properly at all times. The city needs to require these companies to penalize users with a hefty fee or revoke their memberships if bikes are not put in an approved place that is not in others’ way. Not all people are able to use bicycles, nor are able to lift these heavy bikes!

RANT to the engineers who design a charging station with a cord on it, it is not a gas pump. The cord should be with the electric car like all electric devices.