RAVE for all those months I spent deployed at sea back in the 80s. I can now draw on that experience during this stay-home period. Now, if I could just get the steward to come in and clean up after me.

RANT AND RAVE Rave to the wonderful and patient salespeople who have decided to continue in their retail positions during this crisis. We need you and there you are. Thank you all so very much. Rant toward the inconsiderate, panicky people who feel they need to buy all the toilet paper, paper towels, alcohol and hand sanitizer on the shelves, leaving none to others also in need. How much toilet paper do you truly need right now? Shame on those who do this.

RAVE to the darling young couple who helped this senior lift some heavy boxes into her car recently at the Shoreline Costco. You know who you are. Thanks for saving my shoulders and back.