RANT to Seattle City Light. They promise a prompt response to reports of streetlights that are out. However, throughout the past year, multiple neighbors in our neighborhood have reported outages of several lights. None of these streetlights have been repaired. With the passage of time, more streetlights are out presenting an increasingly significant safety hazard in our neighborhood. If City Light no longer provides maintenance service for streetlights they should inform us and we can ask our city government to investigate contracting with another electrical service provider.

RAVE to John, at whose store on Aurora Avenue North we’d been shopping. We were in a borrowed foreign car that wouldn’t start. He researched how to open the hood and trunk and how to find the battery; he walked a few blocks to borrow a starter kit from a local mechanic; he got the car started for us — all in the freezing cold, sometimes on his knees. So kind, so friendly, so patient!